TACSCO (Turkish American Cultural Society of Colorado) is a non-profit organization with close to 200 member families representing more than 1000 Turkish Americans living in Colorado.

The primary goal of the Association is to foster, promote, plan and execute programs aimed at improving the social, cultural, educational, economic and general welfare of the Turkish-American community. Additionally, the Association organizes events to increase, improve and promote public knowledge and understanding of Turkish culture, history and people. We believe that this would help to develop a more balanced and objective view of Turkish culture and Turkish people. In order to achieve these goals, TACSCO provides and/or participates in cultural and educational activities and seminars and festivals.


Değerli TACSCO Dostları / Dear TACSCO Friends,
Denver ve civarında yaşayan vatandaşlarımız için "Gezici Konsolosluk Hizmetleri" organizasyonu planlanmaktayız. Bu hizmetin verilebilmesi için konsolosluk bizden katılım sayısını istemektedir. Bu sayıyı bildirebilmemiz için aşağıdaki anketi doldurmanızı rica ederiz.
We are planning to organize "Mobile Consulate Services" for the Turkish community in and nearby Denver. The Consulate wants an estimate of number of people who would use this service so that they can justify the trip. Please participate in the poll we have provided below so that we can gauge the interest in this service.

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Upcoming Events

Date Event
June 25, 2017 Celebration of Ramazan Bayrami Picnic
September 4, 2017 Celebration of Kurban Bayrami Picnic
October 21, 2017 Celebration of Foundation of Turkish Republic: Republic Ball

Previous Events

Turkish Americans Celebrate the Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day

We are excited to announce TACSCO's collaboration with Lutheran Family Services (LFS) and African Community Center. Both organization provide support and help to refugees in Colorado. We will create welcome baskets for the refugees. This collaboration also marks the 19th of May Celebration of Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day. This year, to embrace the 98th anniversary of Ataturk’s reaching to Samsun to start the Independence War, we need your help to create 98 welcome baskets for the refugees by May 19th. Please announce this in your neighborhoods and inform your friends to show that Turkish-Americans care. You can choose either basket and items you would like to contribute within each basket. Contact us at contact@tacsco.org if you would like to contribute or if you have any questions.
Basket 1:
Travel Size Kleenex, Shampoo, Conditioner, Pads (Feminine Hygiene), Wipes, Bar soap, Hand soap, Tooth Paste, Dental Floss
Gift cards to places like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS (Places to buy hygiene products later)
Basket 2:
Pots and pans, utensils and bedding items

Tasco Presented at Cherry Creek Rotary Club Meeting

We Celebrated 23 Nisan National Sovereignty and Childeren's Day

Turkish American Kids Visit the Denver Mayor's Office

Turkish American Kids Visit the Governor's Office

TASCO Presented at the Denver Lion's Club Meeting

TACSCO Attended the Sold Out Feyza Eren Quartet Concert

Success of Our Young TACSCO Member

Tukish Americans See the Documentary Kedi at Mayan Theater

Turkish Americans Meet with Congressman Mike Coffman in a Private Event

Turkish Americans Meet with Congressman Jared Polis in a TCA Sponsored Event


Date Award
April 23, 2017 Honorary Proclamation by Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper, on Children's Day
April 23, 2012 Honorary Proclamation by City and County of Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock, on Turkish Heritage and Children's Day
October 29, 2009 Honorary Proclamation by Colorado Governor Bill Ritter Jr., on Turkish Independence Day
October 29, 2000 Honorary Proclamation by Colorado Governor Bill Owens, on Turkish Independence Day
September, 2000 The International Humanitarian Service Award, given by American Red Cross
1999 Recognition by Ambassador Baki Ilkin, for efforts to raise the most monetary donations (along with American Red Cross of Colorado) among the Turkish Societies in the US for 1999 earthquake